Institute for Academic Development
Institute for Academic Development

Teaching roles & assessment

Information on: tutoring & demonstrating; assessment & feedback; digital education; Personal Tutoring; mainstreaming learning adjustments and inclusive teaching; reviewing your teaching; academic transitions; and more.

Tutors & demonstrators

Workshops, resources and information for tutors and demonstrators, and staff who support them.

Student assessment & feedback

Information and guidance to help academics consider and develop their approaches to student assessment and feedback.

Teaching diverse students

Information on mainstreaming common learning adjustments, guidance on inclusive and accessible learning, and supporting multicultural learning.

Digital education

Information for staff involved with digital education. Online distance learning (ODL) community and events.

Personal Tutoring guidance

Guidance & materials for Personal Tutors, Senior Tutors, Student Support Teams, Postgraduate Programme Directors, and staff offering academic & pastoral support to students.

Teaching by level

Teaching at different stages. Includes our Academic Transitions Toolkit.

Mentoring & giving guidance

Giving study guidance to students.

Feedback on your teaching

Approaches to gathering feedback on your own teaching: who will be in a good position to help you? What are their different perspectives and how can these help?