Research Data Service

Finding and using research data

Support for the discovery, use, management and learning about datasets for analysis, learning and teaching

Data Library & Consultancy is a service offered to University of Edinburgh researchers to discover, use, manage and learn about datasets for analysis, learning and teaching. Data librarians are available to help you find answers to all your data-related questions and to help you do the following:

  • find data freely available on the internet or through University of Edinburgh subscriptions, or to purchase datasets;
  • get started with advice on your specific data needs. We can match your research topic to data resources including surveys, censuses, mapping and databases;
  • apply for access to and acquire data from national and international data services;
  • make sense of dataset documentation;
  • choose variables to use in your analysis, or customise your dataset in a statistical analysis package;
  • make decisions about sharing your data such as: documenting, versioning, anonymising, licensing, formatting, citing and preserving data, including choosing an appropriate repository; and
  • analyse and visualise microdata online, and download user-defined subsets of data in formats conversant with statistical analysis packages such as SAS, SPSS and Stata.

Data Library catalogue

Find data to use in your research with our onlineĀ listings of data sources

Data analysis with SDA

The Data Library team can upload your data for interactive statistical analysis with SDA, an ideal teaching tool. See our existing datasets here:

University of Edinburgh SDA: Survey Documentation and Analysis

Finding data guidance

Learn about major sources of economic and financial data

Learn about major social and political survey data

Get personalised assistance

Contact Data Library staff to discuss your particular data requirements and get help sourcing data or working with datasets, by email, phone or a one to one meeting. We can also tailor training to your class or research group.