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Research Data Management

Find out how to create data management plans, where to store your data during your project, and how to share and deposit your final data at the end of your project.

Research Data Management programme

Resaerch Data Management Programme
RDM Programme sets out a three year plan across four strategic areas: data management planning, active data infrastructure, data stewardship and data management support.

Why is data management important?

Research Data management benefits
Managing research data is becoming increasingly important. How can you benefit from managing your data effectively? What are the RCUK funders' research data requirements?

Data management planning

Data Management Planning, DMP
Tools you can use for data management planning activities that you need to perform before you start your project.

Storage & backup solutions

DataStore, RDM file store
RDM file store to store your active data (data that are actively being used in your current research activities), and tools to assist you in working with your data during your project.

Sharing & publishing data

DataShare Logo
Tools and services you can use to describe your data (creating metadata), and deposit and manage your completed research data outputs at the end of your project.

Research data management training

A range of training programmes on research data management (RDM) in the form of an online course (MANTRA), workshops and seminars to help you with research data management issues.

Help & support

Research Data Management help & support
Contact details for Information Services staff who can help you with any RDM questions

A Guide to the Research Data Service

research data service diagram
We are pleased to announce that our new Research Data Service guide is out.