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Who can use e-resources?

University of Edinburgh current staff and students have access to licensed e-resources. However, most licensing arrangements restrict the access we can provide to other Library users.

University of Edinburgh current staff and students

Current students and staff of the University of Edinburgh are entitled to access licensed e-resources.  Staff access includes Honorary members of staff.

The majority of e-resources are purchased from publishers or other content providers, and access is subject to the terms and conditions of the licence agreements, or contracts, that the University has signed with these suppliers. Part of our obligation is to ensure that access is restricted to authorised users, and for the most part these are defined as current staff and students of the University.

Retired staff

Retired staff are entitled to access some e-resources where licence agreements specifically allow this.  Retired staff should initially contact their former department.


Alumni access is permitted to some e-resources where licence agreements specifically allow this, and this is via the  Alumni Portal.

Other Library users

Access to our licensed e-resources is not permitted for the following categories:

  • Staff of other UK or non-UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
  • Staff of University of Edinburgh companies
  • School/College visitors
  • NHS Trust Staff (unless also affiliated with the University)
  • Staff of University affiliated institutions
  • Students at other UK or non-UK HEIs
  • Unregistered students (not recorded in EUCLID) on non-credit-bearing courses

Non-commercial use only

Note that all licence agreements cover non-commercial use only, which means that the e-resources should only be used for private study and research, and should not be used for any commercial gain.

Walk in access

Some publishers do permit “walk in” access to their resources, provided the material is only used for private study and research. Where this is the case we have set up access at designated machines, or kiosks, within library premises, and these can be used by any registered user of the Library.  Please contact us via the IS Helpline for information about which e-resources allow walk-in access via the kiosks.

Ask at IS helpdesks about the location of the kiosk machines within each library.

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