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Copyright and e-resources

E-resources are subject to copyright law. Information is provided on the amount of material you can download or print.

Printing and downloading restrictions

E-resources are all copyright material, subject to copyright law. This means that there are limits to the amount of material which can be downloaded and printed from any e-journal or e-book.

e-journals you may print up to one article or 5% from a journal issue, whichever is the greater
e-books you may print up to one chapter or 5%, whichever is the greater

There may also be additional restrictions to the level of downloading from e-books, depending on limits set by individual suppliers. Where this is the case there will usually be alerts on the supplier’s website.

All licence agreements prohibit the systematic downloading of material, and this is carefully monitored by suppliers, who will notify us of any problems they detect. When this arises the publisher may block access from specific ip addresses, or may suspend access to the whole service, until the problem has been resolved.

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