Information Services

Guide to the Law Library

Your guide to the Law Library.

The following pages give full details of how to access the Library and make use of the range of materials, resources and facilities on offer.

Finding the Library

Full details on the location of the Library, how to get there and arrangements for access.


The Library is arranged over two floors.

Upper floor

Access to the upper floor is by means of the staircase in room 286. This floor houses:

  • Law book collection (pre-2003)
  • Scottish Parliament publications
  • Europa Library collection

Lower floor

This floor houses:

  • Service desk
  • DiscoverEd search points
  • Reserve collection
  • Photocopiers/Printers (MFDs)
  • Self-issue machine and book returns bin
  • Law reports
  • Statutes and statutory instruments
  • Journals
  • Law and Europa book collection (Library of Congress sequence)

Using the Library

The following guide will help you locate and use the range of resources, services and facilities available to you at the Law Library.