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Availability and entitlement

All staff of the University are entitled to use GradeMark.

All staff of the University are entitled to use GradeMark as part of the Universities plagiarism detection software suite - Turnitin. Turnitin can be accessed via Learn, Moodle, PebblePad or used as a standalone online application.

You will need access to Turnitin before you can use GradeMark. This can be done in two ways: using it through integrations for Learn, Moodle or PebblePad; or using Turnitin as a standalone application.

Using Turnitin as a standalone application

Using Turnitin with Learn, Moodle or PebblePad

Integrations are available in Learn, Moodle and PebblePad that allow you to add a Turnitin drop box within a course or a gateway. This is straightforward to set up and allows your students to submit their assignments within our Learn or Moodle VLEs or our PebblePad PLE for automatic plagiarism checking. The documents below explain how to set up a Turnitin dropbox, retrieve assignments from the Turnitin dropbox and there is also a guide for students submitting to the Turnitin dropbox.

If you use the Turnitin in this way you will no longer need to access Turnitin via the website. It is not possible to access assignments created in a Turnitin integration via the website so you should not combine both routes.

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