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Using computers for essay-exams

FAQs of how the software is used by students for answering essay questions in examinations?

What's the software like?

The software is a simplified word processor. Many of the keyboard shortcuts that you may be familiar with in Word will still work

How do I get a copy?

Before an exam the course team will liaise with the software vendor to arrange a version of the exam file especially tailored to that class

Will it corrupt my computer?

It won't. The system has been used extensively with a wide variety of machines without any problems of this sort.

What prevents access to other material?

The essay exam software will not install until it has checked that no known security problems have been found on the computer.

What happens if my computer crashes?

The most likely problem is battery failure so we are avoiding that by recommending that laptops should be connected to a power supply for the duration of the exam

How does my exam script get submitted?

There are a number of options for transferring student exam scripts from their computers to the examiner.

What will the whole process be like?

An exam can be administered in different ways using Exam4

I can't type! This isn't fair!

We are concerned that the tools available to students in an exam should match the tools available to them during preparation and study.