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Wireless Networking

Activating your University Wi-Fi account, connecting your devices and troubleshooting any issues.

1) Activate your Office 365 account and set up your wi-fi service

Staff, students and visitors

a) Activate your Office 365 account 

You MUST do this in order to use the wi-fi service.

b) Set up your wi-fi service

You MUST do this to set your Office 365 password to be the one used for your wi-fi.


Alumni / guests

If you are University alumni or a guest, please visit the following page to register for wi-fi access:

Alumni and guest access

2) What username and password should I use when connecting to eduroam?

a) When connecting to eduroam, enter your University Username (uun) in the format This is necessary for accessing eduroam at other institutions. Please note, this is NOT your email address.

b) After going through step 1), the password to use should now be your Office 365 one.

Experiencing problems with your wi-fi connection?

I can't connect to eduroam

Wi-Fi - Frequently-Asked Questions

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