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Software for Schools

Some software can be ordered directly through Information Services, other software is ordered directly through resellers or direct from publishers.

Software for Schools list

The Schools Software list: Terms and Conditions summary is a summary of the terms and conditions of the deals Software Services administer. 

For more details

Before purchasing, please check what software is available, where and how it can be ordered. More information about our software can be found at:


How to place an order through IS

Schools & departments can place orders for software directly with Software Services via EIT. However some software is ordered using PECOS for direct to external resellers

Delivery of orders

Orders by schools or other university units to Information services are usually via EIT. Some deals require direct orders to external companies or resellers usually made via pecos or external purchase order.
V.A.T. Exemption

Organisations claiming relief from V.A.T. under Groups 15 of the Zero Rate Schedule to the V.A.T. Act 1994 (where funds are provided solely by a charity and goods or services are to be used solely in medical research, diagnosis or treatment) should enclose a V.A.T. Exemption Certificate with their order. If the certificate is not placed with the order, the order will be delayed until it is supplied.

Also see Finance wiki pages on "How to  understand VAT"