Information Services

IS software support categories

Software Services' database contains information on a number of software packages and software suites including the level of support within IS.

Software may be in the database because IS support or recommend its use, if there is a site license or bulk purchase for it or if it is widely used in the university community.

General Support levels

Four general levels of support are attributed to software by version.

Full Support
A fully supported package has at least one IS expert and other knowledgeable staff.
Partial Support
IS will have a few staff with some knowledge of the software.
Minimal Support
IS has limited or no resource to support software in this category.
Community Software
Community software is used within the university community but IS can offer little or no support.

Managed desktop packaging levels

Database entries are being added for IS managed desktop software packages. And where the service is not yet in place, new codes indicate the progress.

A request has been made to package a software version for an IS managed desktop.
Indicates that packaging work is in progress for this software version
Testing of the packaged software is in progress but not yet in service.

Getting Software Support

The Support Codes have been assigned to the packages in the Software Database give an indication of the level of support that IS can provide.

All requests for software support and discussions about software use should be directed through IS Help and Consultancy Services.

Searching the software database

Search the software database to see if the software you are looking for is on our list (you'll need edlan access to to the search).

If it is not on our list, check within your own school IT support in case they bought it or use it locally. Also check the software wishlist to see if software services are trying to put together a deal for it.

Recommended software packages are ones IS has selected as suitable for use in the University's environment from packages of similar function. A formal evaluation is not necessarily implied, but functionality and ease of use have been taken into account, as well as price, availability, future development and support from the supplier.