Information Services

KB Centre

The KB Centre offers a range of hardware, software, and computer services.

KB Centre 2nd Floor Closure

The 2nd floor of KB Centre will close for refurbishment on Friday 22 May at 5pm. The 1st and 3rd floors will continue to be available but please be aware, there will be noise from the redevelopment work. In addition to this, the 3rd floor PCs have been booked by Summer Schools between 09.00 and 14.00, 22nd June until 7th September. The 2nd floor will reopen in September with improved Quiet Study space with Open Access PCs; there will also be 9 Group Study rooms equipped with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) connectivity, both cabled and wireless to the display screen, and whiteboards.

Computer locations

  • Floor 1 - 5 windows PCs and 4 group study pods
  • Floor 2 - 41 windows PCs and 9 group study rooms (from September 2015)
  • Floor 3 - 99 windows PCs
KB Centre Level 2

Software and services

  • Surface mounted sockets available on the desks on the 3rd Floor
  • Graphics and multi-media systems and printing facilities available in uCreate
  • 1 colour multi-function printer on the 2nd floor
  • 1 colour multi-function printer on the 3rd floor
  • Scanning facilities on the 2nd floor


  • Opening hours - 24hrs a day, with swipe card access after the building is closed.
  • Some of the PCs are available for class bookings.
  • Some of the PCs are used for exams
KB Centre level 1

Disability Statement

If you need assistance to evacuate a building in an emergency, please make sure you have a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) in place for this venue before using these facilities.

At present due to fire evacuation procedures there is no access for wheelchair users or those unable to evacuate using stairs in an emergency. We ensure users have access to the same services by providing study facilities elsewhere, including the Noreen and Kenneth Murray library which is adjacent to the Kings Buildings Centre.