Information Services

Moves and changes

Change and move extension numbers, pick up groups and level access requests.

Moving office?

If you are moving offices and wish your extension number to come with you, please contact Telephone Operations to arrange this. Early notice is appreciated (particularly where multiple extensions are involved), even if the precise date is not yet known.

Exactly how the move is handled (and the costs involved, if any) depends on the precise circumstances, such as whether your existing handset is VoIP or analogue. The following paragraphs offer general guidance, but Telephone Operations will be able to provide greater detail.

If your old office has an analogue telephone:

  • If there is an existing analogue telephone in your new office with its own extension number, it will normally be possible for Telephone Operations to swap the two extension numbers around very quickly. There is no charge for doing this.
  • If there is an analogue phone socket in your new office, but it is not live (i.e. there is no dial tone if you plug in an analogue handset and lift the receiver), then it will normally be possible to “re-jumper” the telephone wiring to bring the socket in your new office into operation. The extension in your old office will cease to function. This work requires an engineer to attend, but there is no charge.
  • If there is no analogue phone socket in your new location, you will need to purchase a VoIP telephone. Please see the “Requesting new telephones” page.

If your old office has a VoIP telephone:

  • If your new office is in the same building, it will normally be possible to simply unplug your VoIP handset from the network and reconnect it in the new location. However, please let Telephone Operations know that you are doing this.
  • If your new office is in a different building, please contact Telephone Operations, who will ensure that the network point in your new office is configured appropriately for use with your VoIP handset.
  • If there is no data network point in your new office, please contact Telephone Operations to discuss the best way forward.

Note that if you are moving as a group into a new or newly-refurbished building, it is likely that your Move Coordinator will be aware of special arrangements for transferring extension numbers. (If you are the Move Coordinator, please contact Telephone Operations as early as possible to make arrangements.)

Telephone directory change?

If you want to have an entry in the Telephone directory changed, please use the Telephone directory changes form - see the link below.

Cease an extension?

If you wish to cease an extension and have it removed from your bill, please use the cessation form below. Note that this form requires EASE authentication, and can only be used if you are a telephone billing contact for the extension(s) in question. If you are cancelling a VoIP extension, the handset will be recovered by Telephone Operations.