Information Services

Using the Podcasting and Streaming service

The integrated podcasting and streaming service provides an easy to use system for the management and distribution of rich media produced by University staff & students.

The service allows content to be made available either as podcast downloads, youTube style embedded videos or as both.

How it works

The service allows the user to upload content through a website: encoding, hosting and generation of the Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed is handled automatically.

When uploading content users choose the most appropriate output type by selecting from a choice of "Workflows" appropriate to their needs, including delivering the same content in multiple output formats.

Users receive an email with links to the content once it has been processed, at which point users can embed/link to individual pieces of content themselves or use the RSS Manager to handle subscription feeds.

These emails include simple instructions for embedding streaming content into VLEs, wikis, polopoly and websites.

Demonstration video


Content can be processed into:

  • Audio MP3/MP4: Download, podcast & stream.
  • Video H264/MP4: Download, podcast, & stream using embedded Flash and QuickTime. Different resolution and quality settings are available for video.

Detailed information on these output formats can be found in the help documentation.

Getting an account

Please see the information on the help wiki for details of how to get an account.