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Project, service and people news from Applications Division.

Streamlining quality reviews of teaching

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Following on from a previous project to assess quality reporting procedures in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, a project is underway to build and implement a single IT system to support uniform reporting of teaching across the College.

Lunchtime Seminar - Putting IT all together

Audience members at an Information Services Lunchtime Seminar
A look at what Enterprise Architecture is all about and the difference it can make to how the University provides IT services to students and staff.

New web development platform for IS Apps

IS-Apps Development Services have launched a new corporate web development platform based on the Python language. It has been designed as a replacement for our existing ColdFusion platform and our vision is to create an enterprise, production-quality Python platform that is: consistent, flexible, responsive, dynamic and is in step with our Division’s automation strategy.

Document Management for IS HR

An exciting new project has just kicked off that will deliver a scanning solution for IS HR.

Secondment Opportunity – Business Admin Manager

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Would you like to join our senior management team, delivering professional services to the Division and helping us to deliver on our operational and strategic priorities?

Moodle Upgrade completed

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IS Applications recently completed the project to implement the annual upgrade of Moodle, the University of Edinburgh's centrally-supported virtual learning environment for online distance learning programmes.

Enterprise Data Warehouse under construction

IS Applications have recently initiated a project to build an Enterprise Data Warehouse.  This is the first step towards the provision of accurate, trusted and integrated data that will support decision makers across the University, while increasing the efficiency of business intelligence analysis and report generation.

Clearing Cleared!

telephone exchange in 1909
Clearing 2016 was a high profile project brought about by the decision to accept some applicants in UCAS Clearing. The University of Edinburgh had never done this before but the project proved to be a success.

COM026: Wiki upgrade completed

Well ahead of the annual start of term change freeze, significant improvements have been made to the University’s Wiki service.

EdWeb Collaboration and Development Framework planning completed

The planning stage of the EdWeb project UWP012 has completed.