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Project, service and people news from Applications Division.

Development Platform Implementation

IS Applications Division has started a project to implement a new development platform.

Decommissioning MVM applications servers

Over the past two years, the MVM002 project has been migrating all MVM websites and applications - including eeMec, eeVec and OSCA - from the old servers in Hugh Robson to the IS infrastructure. This process is now completing.

Academic Timetable Integration with Office 365 Calendar project has started

Academic Timetable Integration with Office 365
The project will make the academic timetable available to students using the Office 365 calendar service, which is already available with the University mail service.

EUCLID Student Hub Re-Design

A new project is currently underway to update the Edinburgh University Complete Lifecycle Integrated Development (EUCLID) screens, to enhance search, navigation and usability across the board.

Timetabling Service annual rebuild and roll-forward to 16/17

The Scientia Enterprise applications (Enterprise) comprise the University's chosen application suite for providing a centralised Timetabling and room-booking service. These applications interface with an application database known as the Scientia Database (SDB) which relates to a single academic year.

Online Fine Payments project planning milestone achieved

Library staff have identified a need to improve the user experience by enabling patrons to pay library fines online and out of hours, rather than the current method of paying in person at the library helpdesks.

Conclusion of HR Transformation Governance and Planning project

The preliminary Governance and Planning project (HRS088) has completed outlining the proposed Approach, Governance and Costs for the HR Transformation programme.

eRecruitment Upgrade Planning stage complete

UHRS are upgrading the eRecruitment system under project HRS089.