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International leadership in online learning

A new brochure showcasing the University’s international leadership in online learning has been launched by the Principal.

The brochure was launched at a celebration event attended by many of the dozens of academic staff and students who have been involved in developing and delivering an impressive portfolio of 35 MOOCs.

 "We make our MOOCs for reputation, for fun, to try new ways of teaching, not for money" said Professor Sir Timothy O'Shea, "Online learning is an increasingly important method of teaching, opening up high-quality education opportunities to people around the world, we now see MOOCs as a powerful tool in our widening participation armoury. The MOOCs have been a huge success for Edinburgh and are a credit to all of you who have seen the potential and become involved."

 "Personally it’s been a rewarding and exciting experience to be involved with the best companies in US and the UK to bring the real benefits of learning at scale into reality. It is an area I always knew had great potential and we’ve proved that to be so."

CIO Gavin McLachlan also underlined the importance of innovation and new ways to develop new capability and skills. "It is great to see so many colleagues here who have been involved in the production and teaching of MOOCs. It’s been a real digital shift for many and an exciting innovation in online learning and teaching. The University is committed to developing online teaching skills for staff and for students. The MOOCs along with our investment in Lynda .com are evidence of this. In ISG we aim to support every educator to be a digital educator."

 A full list of the University of Edinburgh MOOCs along with details of the courses and quotes from those involved is available here: