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Helping the University of Aberdeen become more user-focused

Neil Allison, our User Experience Manager, recently delivered 2 days of UX training for the University of Aberdeen, covering usability testing and review, workshops and prototyping.

Neil delivered training for up to 20 IT, marketing, web management and student recruitment staff over 4 sessions. The training sessions covered:

  • Usability testing essentials: everything you need to know to undertake usability testing yourself, and why you should do it.
  • Collaborative usability testing review: the group learned how to run collaborative review sessions themselves while reviewing research supporting their area of business.
  • Workshop essentials: running through the basics of what makes an effective, inclusive workshop and a couple of easy-to-repeat activities that can get a diverse range of stakeholders and/or users engaged.
  • Introduction to prototyping: exploring ways in which service and design ideas can be tried out with the minimum of effort and development time, through use of pencil and paper, and everyday office software; exposing the user to the concept at the earliest stage possible for maximum benefit.

The sessions went down very well with attendees with lots of active participation and questions.

As an organisation we have often struggled to translate business goals into actionable development activity with measurable outcomes. Neil’s training sessions helped us understand that we could do this cheaply, easily and best of all, effectively.

Mike McConnellBusiness Applications Manager,  The University of Aberdeen

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If you’re interested in these hands-on workshops and want to get your team more user focused, get in touch with Neil.

You can read more about the session, and participant feedback, on the University Website Programme Blog

Neil Allison

User Experience Manager