School of Informatics

How to apply?

Guidance on applying for undergraduate Informatics courses.

Decide which degree you would like to apply for from the list below and follow the information at the Universities pages on applying:

Applying to the University of Edinburgh University


Our single subject degrees UCAS codes
Artificial Intelligence (BSc) G700
Cognitive Science (BSc) C859
Computer Science (BSc) G400
Computer Science (BEng) G401
Software Engineering (BEng) G600
Informatics (MInf) G500
Our combined subject degrees UCAS codes
Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science (BSc) GG47
Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics (BSc) GG17
Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering (BEng) GG67
Artificial Intelligence with Management (BEng) G7N2
Computer Science and Electronics (BEng) GH46
Computer Science and Management Science (BSc) GN42
Computer Science and Mathematics (BSc) GG14
Computer Science and Physics (BSc) GF43
Computer Science with Management (BEng) G4N2
Software Engineering with Management (BEng) G6N2

Undergraduate admissions to UK universities are co-ordinated by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). The University of Edinburgh Institution Code is E56.


Entry requirements

The entry requirements for each degree can be found within it's individual page by clicking on the links above.

General information on entry requirements.


Further information