School of Informatics

Research topics

We offer the widest choice of research projects in informatics in the UK.

The following list of topics is meant to serve as a source of ideas, and is neither exhaustive or complete. As an applicant you are welcome to propose a novel topic.

Research students are hosted within one of our six research Institutes, and you will need to know to which Institute you are applying. Below is an overview of the main research areas associated with each Institute.

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Centre for Intelligent Systems and their Applications (CISA)

  • Knowledge representation and automated reasoning
  • Agent Systems and Planning
  • Software Systems

CISA website

Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation (ANC)

  • Cognitive or Computational Neuroscience
  • Machine learning
  • Bioinformatics

Institute for Language, Cognition and Computation (ILCC)

  • Computational approaches to language, communication, and cognition
  • Natural language processing and computational linguistics
  • Information extraction, retrieval and presentation
  • Educational and assistive technology

ILCC website

Research sub-group: Human Communication Research Centre (HCRC)

Institute for Computing Systems Architecture (ICSA)

  • Computing Architecture and Circuits
  • Optimisation and Parallel Programming
  • Networks and communications

Institute of Perception, Action and Behaviour (IPAB)

  • Computer Vision and Graphics
  • Robotics

Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science (LFCS)

  • Theory and foundations of computer science
  • Formal models and methods for design, verification, and performance analysis
  • Database theory and practice
  • Algorithms and computational complexity theory
  • Logic, semantics, and programming languages

Other areas of research