School of Informatics

Computer Science MSc

Computer Science is an intellectually challenging subject that underpins the core technologies of the 21st century.

The scope of Computer Science ranges from the design of programming languages and algorithms, to models of computation, such as distributed, parallel and quantum computing, and the study of the limits of computation - what can we compute, what resources (time and space) are required. It is concerned with the understanding, design, implementation and use of computing systems ranging in complexity from the components of a single processor to computer networks as vast as the World Wide Web. It encompasses both hardware and software, and embodies a wide variety of practical techniques supported by a strong foundation of theoretical understanding.

Programme content

The MSc in Computer Science is an advanced degree which aims to develop specialist knowledge in areas of Computer Science not covered extensively at the undergraduate level. You will be introduced to core areas of theoretical computer science and learn about the technologies through which theory-based tools are implemented. You will also experience the theory and practice of designing programmable systems, with particular emphasis on the design of concurrent and distributed applications.

Our degree program offers unmatched opportunities for both interdisciplinary variety and focused depth, depending on which best suits you.

One of the following areas will form the main focus of your studies:

  • Analytical and Scientific Databases
  • Computer Systems, Software Engineering and High Performance Computing
  • Theoretical Computer Science