School of Informatics

Research Grant-Funded Scholarships

Most of our scholarship funding is not earmarked for specific areas. An exception is the following areas, for which grant-funded scholarships are available:

Two industrial CASE studentships

Information on Two PhD CASE Studentships.

Approximate Bayesian Inference for Data Pipelines

We are seeking to award a Microsoft PhD Scholarship on the topic of "Approximate Bayesian inference for data pipelines".

PhD Studentship in Software Testing and Quality Metrics

Applications are invited for a PhD studentship in testing concurrent programs and defining quality metrics for them. The PhD is fully funded for three years at UK/EU student fee level. The project will be supervised by Ajitha Rajan of the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. The project will be in collaboration with Facebook, UK.

The Reformation Algorithm for Conceptual Change in Knowledge Representation

The Centre for Intelligent Systems & their Applications (CISA) has pioneered mechanisms for representational change driven by reasoning failures. The Institute is particularly interested in going beyond belief revision to encompass changes of concepts, i.e., the language in which the beliefs are represented.

Parameter and Model Fitting from Spatial Data

We are seeking to award a PhD studentship on the topic of parameter and model fitting for spatial data in the context of modelling complex adaptive systems.