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A listing of current regular seminars within Informatics

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Upcoming events

LFCS30 - A celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science. 12 - 13 April 2016.

WadlerFest2016 - In celebration of Philip Wadler's 60th birthday. 11 - 12 April 2016.

Schedule of regular talks and seminars

Day Title Time Place Contact
  CISA Seminar 14:00 Room 4.31/4.33, Informatics Forum  
  ANC Seminar & Workshop 11:00 Informatics Forum Iain Murray
  Dream Talks 11:00 Informatics Forum  
  LFCS Lab Lunch 13:00 Mini Forum 2, Informatics Forum  
  LFCS Seminar 16:00 Room 4.31, Informatics Forum Rik Sarkar / Ilias Diakonikolas
  Music, Informatics and Cognition (MusicA) 17:30 Either Student Common Room, Alison House or Informatics Forum Contact
  CISA Lunches 13:00 Room 2.33, Informatics Forum (Bi-Weekly) Suzanne Perry
  Computational Thinking Seminars 16:00 Rooms 4.31/4.33, Informatics Forum The Director of the Computational Thinking Research Programme
  Distinguished Lectures 16:00 Room G.07, Informatics Forum Eileen Mehta
  Milner Lecture 16:00 Held once a year, in various locations Level 4 Admin
  IPAB Seminar 12:45 Room 4.31/4.33, Informatics Forum IPAB-Secretary
  Programming Languages Interest Group 13:00 Room 2.33, Informatics Forum James Cheney and Michel Steuwer
  Phonetics/Phonology Workshop 13:00 Seminar Room 4, Crystal Macmillan Building Patrick Honeybone
  Security Seminar/Security Club 14:00 Room 4.31/4.33, Informatics Forum David Aspinall Myrto Arapinis
  Linguistic Circle 16:10 Room 3.10/3.11, Dugald Stewart Building Lauren Hall-Lew
  ILCC/HCRC Seminar 11:00 Room 4.31, Informatics Forum Christopher Lucas
  Language at Edinburgh Lunch 13:15 Room G.07, Informatics Forum  
  DTC General Journal Club 16:00 Room 4.31/4.33, Informatics Forum