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GAYE (Give As You Earn) is a tax-efficient way to give to charity.

GAYE is run by the Charities Aid Foundation. It is a tax-efficient way to give to charity as the money is deducted straight from the donor's pre-tax salary.

This means that if a basic rate taxpayer donates £6.41, it only costs them £5 so although the charity cannot claim gift aid on the donation, the donor receives the tax benefit. For higher-rate tax payers the benefit is greater. To join GAYE your employer will need to be running a scheme.

The University of Edinburgh does operate a GAYE scheme. Payroll at the University makes a monthly payment to GAYE, based on the mandates it receives. GAYE then makes a monthly payment to each charity you nominate.

If you choose to make a GAYE donation to the University of Edinburgh Development Trust, please inform the Development Office.