MRC Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine
MRC Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine

Impact & innovation

Translating our research to maximise impact on human health.

Our goals are to carry out excellent genetic, genomic, cellular and clinical science, so that we contribute significantly to the understanding of human development, physiology and disease, and apply this knowledge for the benefit of patients and society. This broad vision reflects the diversity of research within IGMM, and we aspire to be world class in key themes, bringing innovation and unique twists to IGMM discovery and translation.

Professor Margaret Frame FRSE FMedSciDirector, MRC Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine at the University of Edinburgh

To support this IGMM vision, a culture of knowledge and skill sharing ensures researchers have access to the right expertise and resources to translate or commercialise their research discoveries.

IGMM Translational Science Strategy Board (TSS)

IGMM clinical impact

The IGMM Translational Science Strategy Board (TSS) is comprised of IGMM researchers with diverse clinical, drug and biologics discovery and development expertise.

The board is responsible for the development, implementation and monitoring of the strategy for efficient translation of IGMM science and, where opportunities arise, to develop and commercialise innovative technologies to support future impact in medicine.

Translation and commercialisation strategy

In order to maximise the impact of our work on human health, the IGMM aims, where appropriate, to:

  • Support wide dissemination of scientific discoveries through open access publishing and data sharing
  • Promote a culture of translation at IGMM supported by appropriate events and training
  • Collaborate with industrial and NHS partners
  • Identify, develop and, where appropriate, partner scientific discovery with potential for translation
  • License our intellectual property in an exclusive or non-exclusive manner
  • Form spin out companies