Undergraduate admissions

You thought you were qualified but have been told that you were unqualified

Your qualifications may not meet our requirements, may not be recent enough or may be accepted by the University.

If you have been told that you were unqualified, it may be that your application falls into one of the following situations:

Many applicants apply without our General College Entry requirements of a GCSE/Standard Grade or equivalent in English and Maths/Approved Science. Please see our General College Entry requirements for more information.

It may be you do not or are not predicted to meet our General College Entry or subject specific requirements, your qualifications aren't recent enough or we do not accept those qualifications for entry.

You are not predicted to meet our minimum entry requirement. Therefore, unfortunately, we cannot offer you a place.

You do not meet the subject specific entry requirements for the degree for which you have applied. Examples of degrees with specific requirements include Architecture, Business Studies, Economics, Languages, Music, and Psychology. Further information can be found in the online prospectus degree finder.

We require recent accredited academic study within two years prior to entry. If you do not have recent academic qualifications then unfortunately we are unable to consider your application further.

We do not accept your current qualifications for entry and therefore we cannot consider your application further. Please see the approved subjects for University entry listings for information on the qualifications we currently accept.