Undergraduate admissions

Questions about your studies

Here we have provided answers to common questions relating to your degree and what you will be studying.

Which school is my degree programme allocated to?

The 2015 guide is currently being updated and will be available in July.

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What is a Personal Tutor?

Your Personal Tutor is normally a member of academic staff based in your school. All students at the University of Edinburgh have a Personal Tutor and/or a Student Support Officer (SSO).

Your Personal Tutor or Student Support Officer is the first point of contact for advice should you be experiencing difficulties (whether academic or personal).

You must make an appointment to see your Personal Tutor or Student Support Officer during Welcome Week as part of matriculation, as you will formally enrol for courses at this meeting.

How do I find out who my Personal Tutor is?

There are three ways to find out who your Personal Tutor is:

  • at the Introductory Meeting for your School
  • by visiting your School Student Support Office
  • by checking your MyEd portal. Your login details will be provided prior to arrival.

What are the semester dates?

The University's academic year is divided into two semesters.

Semester dates and academic calendars can be viewed on the News and Events website:

Semester dates

When do lectures start?

Courses will begin on Monday 21 September 2015. To find out where your first class will be held, check with the relevant School's Undergraduate/Teaching Office or subject area office.

What will I be studying?

To find out more about what you will be studying, the Academic Fair and how to tools available to help you choose any outside courses you should visit the New Students website:

What is an outside course?

Many of our degree programmes allow students to take courses in addition to the main subject. To find out whether or not you can take outside courses please check the 'Tools to help' section of the above link to the New Students website.

Where can visiting undergraduate students get more information?

Visiting undergraduate students can get information that is relevant to them from the Humanities and Social Science Visiting Student Office.

Visiting and Exchange Students Office

Do I need to use my University email account?

When you join the University you will be given a University email account and address which will be used for a variety of essential communications.

You must access and manage this account regularly as the University will send you vital information from time to time, such as on exam arrangements or changed class times or locations, and will assume that you have opened and acted on these communications. Failure to do so will not be an acceptable excuse or grounds for appeal.

For more information please read the University of Edinburgh's policy on the use of email as a method of contacting students.