Undergraduate admissions


The University of Edinburgh welcomes applications from qualified international students from Norway.

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We have a long tradition of admitting students from all continents to a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and exchange programmes.

The following pages explain the range of qualifications we accept and gives the minimum requirement for each. We hope you find this useful.

If you have questions that are not answered by these pages, please contact us.

Contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office

Norwegian qualifications

We welcome applications from students from Norway.

International baccalaureate

We welcome applications from Norwegian students studying for the International Baccalaureate (IB).

GCE A Levels

Information for Norwegian applicants applying with GCE qualifications.

US qualifications

Norwegian students applying with US qualifications will be required to reach the same levels as American applicants.

English language requirements

Norwegian applicants must provide evidence of good written and spoken English skills if English is their second language.


If you have questions about entry requirements for Norwegian applicants that are not answered by these pages then please contact us.