Postgraduate admissions & administration

English language requirements

Information about the College's postgraduate English language requirements, for applications from 2012/13 onwards.

Academic and visa requirements

Before we can provide you with an unconditional offer you must give us evidence that you meet our English competence requirements.

The evidence we require incorporates the English competence standards required by the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) for those applicants needing visas.

Evidence required

We accept the results from several Secure English Language Tests (SELT), the type and standard being shown in our table of English Tests Standards.

SELT tests must have been successfully completed no earlier than two years before the start date of the programme for which candidates are seeking admission.

We accept the results from one certificate only: we do not accept multiple certificates from two or more tests each partially meeting our requirements.

We check each certificate received against an on-line database of scores maintained by the SELT testers (including IELTS and TOEFL), so we can quickly validate the scores submitted.

If you are a non-EEA national needing a Tier 4 visa we cannot provide you with a Certificate of Acceptance for Study (CAS) unless you have given us the evidence of English competence required by the UKVI.

Our requirements for English competence are higher than those required by the UKVI, but the UKVI requirements can be seen on their web site:

Evidence by other means

Conditional Offers without English proficiency

If you do not meet our English requirements at the time of application we may still make you a conditional offer. This gives you the opportunity to provide us with evidence later that you have met our English requirements for entry to postgraduate study. Our English entry requirements must be met before study is started.

The Test of English at Matriculation (TEAM)

We require students with a total IELTS score of less than 7.0 (or equivalent in other SELT tests) to take a short test, called “TEAM”, when matriculating.

This is NOT a pass or fail test, but is an important means by which we can assess whether you may benefit from free English language courses the University offers.

Further information on TEAM, and English language support available to applicants and on-course students, is provided in this section: