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Inaugural Lectures

Each academic year, the College of Humanities and Social Science hosts a series of inaugural lectures given by new Professors in the College.

These lectures are an important part of life at the University of Edinburgh and the speakers give an illuminating overview of their contribution to their field.

Attendance is free and members of the public, staff and students are all welcome.

All inaugural lectures start at 5.15pm, unless advertised otherwise.

2014-2015 Inaugural Lectures

Carving of scholars
Date and venue Speaker Lecture title Further information
Wednesday 3 December 2014, Business School Auditorium, 5:30pm start Professor Ailsa Henderson, Chair of Political Science "The Imagined Electorate" Details of Professor Henderson's inaugural lecture.
Wednesday 21 January 2015, Business School Auditorium Professor Richard T Harrison, Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation "The Owl of Minerva: Entrepreneurial Leadership and the Critic of Institutions" Details of Professor Harrison's inaugural lecture.
Wednesday 4 February 2015, 50 George Square, Main Lecture Theatre Professor Richard Freeman, Chair of Social Science and Public Policy "Doing Politics" Details of Professor Freeman's inaugural lecture.
Wednesday 11 February 2015, Business School Auditorium Professor Nicola McEwen, Chair of Territorial Politics "Independence and Interdependence: The Dynamics of Scottish Self-Government" Details of Professor McEwen's inaugural lecture.
Tuesday 24 February 2015, ECA Main Building Lecture Theatre Professor Chris Speed, Chair of Design Informatics "The Random Lift and Other Algorithmic Stories" Details of Professor Speed's inaugural lecture.
Wednesday 4 March 2015, 50 George Square, Main Lecture Theatre Professor Siân Bayne, Chair of Digital Education "The Trouble with Digital Education" Details of Professor Bayne's inaugural lecture.
Wednesday 11 March 2015, 50 George Square, Main Lecture Theatre Professor Lani Florian, Bell Chair of Education "Inclusive Pedagogy" Details of Professor Florian's inaugural lecture.
Wednesday 1 April 2015, ECA Main Building Lecture Theatre Professor Mark Dorrian, Forbes Chair of Architecture "What's Interesting? On the Ascendency of an Evaluative Term" Details of Professor Dorrian's inaugural lecture.
Wednesday 15 April 2015, Business School Auditorium Professor Paulo Quattrone, Chair of Accounting Governance & Social Innovation "Accounting, Governance and Social Innovation: Establishing the Links" Details of Professor Quattrone's inaugural lecture.
Tuesday 5 May 2015, Meadows Lecture Theatre, Medical School (Old Medical School) Professor Martin Chick, Chair of Economic History "The Times They Are A-Changin': Time, Economics and a Political Economy of Britain since 1945" Details of Professor Chick's inaugural lecture.

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