College of Humanities & Social Science

Office of Lifelong Learning

Contact details are provided here for staff at the Office of Lifelong Learning.

If you are calling from outside the University, prefix the telephone numbers provided with +44 (0)131 6.

Key Contacts
Position Name Phone Email
Enquiries Reception 50 4400
Chair in Continuing Education and Head of the Centre for Open Learning David Finkelstein 51 1177
Director of Professional Services Nicola Davidson 50 4275
Deputy Director of Professional Services Alison Ballantyne 50 6185
Finance and HR Officer Karen Willox 51 4826
Student Support Officer Suzanne Spalding 51 1215
Technical Support Officer Mark Galloway 51 4825
English Language Teaching Centre
Position Name Phone Email
Head of the English Language Teaching Centre and Languages For All Michael Jenkins 50 9421
Deputy Head of the English Language Teaching Centre Anne Heller Murphy 50 9422
Head of English for Academic Purposes Anton Elloway 51 4827
Head of English for Specific Purposes Jill Northcott 50 9423
Head of Teacher Education Lindsay Knox 50 4374
Senior Teaching Fellow (Summer Pre-sessional Programme Co-ordinator) Kenneth Anderson 50 9424
Senior Teaching Fellow (English for Academic Purposes) Cathy Benson 51 4833
Teaching Fellow (Coordinator for In-sessional Support courses) Mike Garbutt 50 9419
Teaching Fellow (Coordinator for Undergraduate Credit EAP Programmes) Kathryn Redpath 50 9429
Emeritus Professor of Student Learning (English for Academic Purposes) Tony Lynch
Short Courses
Position Name Phone Email
Head of Short Courses Jenny Hoy 51 3200
Head of Languages Michael Jenkins 50 9421
Acting Head of Access and Student Progression James Mooney 50 4322
Course Organiser (Art & Design) Robbie Bushe 50 3076
Course Organiser Martine Pierquin 51 1182
Course Organiser Sally Crumplin 51 4841
Course Organiser Rachael King 50 9426
Course Organiser Anya Clayworth 50 3077
Course Organiser (Languages for All) Giulia Dawson 50 2902
Course Organiser (Languages for All) Daniela McCafferty 50 3744
Course Organiser (Languages for All) Jeannette Rissmann 51 1820

HSS International Foundation Programme Co-ordinator Anthea Coleman-Chan 51 1589