College of Humanities & Social Science

History & structure

The College of Humanities and Social Science was formed in 2002, bringing together the former faculties of Arts, Divinity, Education, Law, Music and Social Science.


55-60 George Square

In 2002, the University underwent a major internal restructuring, when the existing faculties were reorganised into three Colleges, containing a total of 22 Schools. The three Colleges are:

  • Humanities and Social Science
  • Science and Engineering
  • Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

The College of Humanities and Social Science, the largest of the Colleges, encompasses 11 of the 22 schools.

Schools in the College

Central administrative and management services for the College are led by the College Senior Management Team consisting of the Vice-Principal (Head of College), the College Registrar, five deans, the Chief Information Officer, the College Accountant and the Head of College HR.


Management structure

The management structure of the College Office is led by a Vice-Principal, known as the Head of College, who is supported by five Deans and six Associate Deans.

Administrative structure

The administrative structure of the College is led by the College Registrar, with a Resources Team, Finance Team, Human Resources Team, Academic Affairs Team and Web Team.