Human Resources

Mentoring Connections

The Mentoring Connections programme provides all staff with time and space to meet with a mentor/mentee to talk through a variety of issues that affect them at various stages of their career and development, for example work life balance, career development, or promotion paths.

Mentoring Connections particularly encourages mentee applications from Female Staff; New International Staff; New and Aspiring Leaders in the University; or Staff who through their Annual Review process, have identified the need for mentoring around career/ professional development. We are currently in need of Mentors of Grade 9 and above to sign up to the programme.

Introduction to mentoring

How we define mentoring, aims of mentoring, how a partnership may work and typical time commitment.

Information for mentees

Topics you may want to discuss in a mentoring partnership and potential benefits of mentoring.

Information for mentors

Roles a mentor can take on and potential benefits of being a mentor.

Role of Champion

Mentoring Connections has found that a local mentoring Champion adds considerable benefit to the programme and the success of mentoring in your School, Institute or Department.

Programme Process

The typical steps in applying to and participating in the mentoring connections scheme.

Join Now

Mentors and mentees can apply at any time to take part in the mentoring connection’s programme.

Helpful Resources (secured)

We offer a flexible approach to developing your skills as a mentor and a mentee.

Matching Process

In general, we try to match mentees with mentors who are one grade above and who work in a (broadly) similar field. It is often recommended to work with a mentor about 5 years ahead of you in the career path you are interested in.