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Development Opportunities

Training, learning and development opportunities including courses and workshops for University staff. Listed alphabetically and in categorised sections, including staff group eligible to attend.

Annual Review

Annual Review is a yearly discussion that all staff have with their Line Manager or Reviewer. Its purpose is to support staff to realise their full potential by reviewing their progress against previous objectives, discussing future plans and development needs and setting objectives for the time until your next review.

Online Development Toolkit

An online resource which enables all staff, particularly those in leadership and management roles, to quickly find relevant information and practical advice to help them deal with different situations they may be facing in the workplace.

Financial Support for Development

Local areas have their own staff development budgets, and these can be accessed through discussion with your line manager following identification of learning needs through annual review, or in discussion with your Head of School/College/Support group if you are planning a group activity or intervention.

How we can help

Learning and development is designed to advance participants thinking in knowledge, understanding and skills, providing a comprehensive and continuous process of professional and self growth that benefits staff, and ultimately the University.

Leadership & Management Development Framework

The leadership and management development framework aims to signpost the most appropriate and available development option at each stage of a leadership and management career.

Development for Academic Leadership and Management Roles

This section signposts appropriate development opportunities available in the University for staff holding academic leadership and management roles. Information is currently available for CAHSS. Suggested development options for roles in other Colleges will be published in due course.

Learning & Development Contacts

If you require any advice or have a learning and development query, please contact the appropriate person below. Your local HR team may also be able to assist.

Staff Development Core Principles

Core principles of staff development.

News and Events

Latest news and events within Learning and Development.