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More information on the current Chancellor's Fellowship opportunities.

We welcome applications from a wide variety of disciplines and research areas relevant to our strategic themes. As your area of interest may fall across a number of different Colleges and/or strategic themes it may be necessary for you to apply and submit multiple applications.

How to Apply

View and apply for a Chancellor's Fellowship

Please note:

  • Our system will only allow you to make one application per strategic theme, therefore please attach the relevant documents for each strategic theme you are applying for.
  • The closing time for applications is 6pm BST (equivalent to 5pm GMT), see above clock, on the date specified for the theme you are applying to.
  • You can copy a previous application and make any amendments necessary for additional applications.

If you require further guidance on the general application procedure, please email the relevant contact for the Fellowship theme you are interested in.

This year's themes:  

College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

  • Infection Medicine - Now Closed
  • Social Sciences, Health and Medicine - Now Closed
  • Tissue Regeneration and Repair - Now Closed
  • Health Data Science - Now Closed

College of Science & Engineering

College of Science and Engineering
  • Multi-scale Biological Modelling 
  • Industrial Biotechnology 
  • Chemistry Research Impact and Engagement with Industry - Now Closed
  • Electronic Engineering (analogue and mixed-signal IC design) - Now Closed
  • Chemical Engineering (Forming and scale-up of nanoporous materials for catalysis and separations) - Now Closed
  • Civil Engineering (Computational Fluid Dynamics for Infrastructure/Buildings) - Now Closed
  • Science for Sustainable Management of Marine Ecosystems - Now Closed
  • Human-like Computing and/or Software Engineering - Now Closed
  • Data Science (Mathematical Sciences) - Now Closed

  • Industrial Mathematics - Now Closed

  • Food and Rheology - Now Closed
  • Computation/Big Data - Now Closed
  • Remote Sensing/Big Data - Now Closed
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

College of Humanities & Social Science

  • Health through Arts, Design & Humanities - Now Closed
  • Cultural and Creative Industries - Now Closed
  • Digital Arts and Humanities - Now Closed
  • Data Science - Now Closed
  • Energy and Society - Now Closed