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The Archaeology research seminars take place weekly on Thursdays and are open to all.

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The Archaeology seminars provide an opportunity for discussion of current research developments on a range of archaeological themes from diverse chronological and geographical areas.

The talks are open to all. Sessions are followed by an informal gathering in a local pub.

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Unless otherwise stated, the seminars begin at 18.00 on Thursdays in the Meadows Lecture Theatre, William Robertson Wing, Teviot Place.

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Semester 2 2017
Date Speaker Topic Abstract
Thursday 14 September Bettina Arnold (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

'Keltenbräu: Power drinking in Iron Age Europe'

Recent discoveries from a range of burial contexts in Germany and France have provided archaeologists with new evidence suggesting that Iron Age feasting activity was a more complex and wide-spread phenomenon than has traditionally been thought. Extensive drinking sets made of metal are relatively rare but assemblages consisting of single metal or ceramic vessels suggest that the consumption of mood-altering substances was quite wide-spread in pre-Roman European societies. Residue analyses of the contents of bronze vessels have produced paleobotanical evidence mainly for honey-based beverages but at least one settlement context has yielded what appears to have been a malting facility used to produce the grain required for unhopped beer. Recent chemical analyses of ceramic vessels and newer approaches such as proteomic analysis have lead to unexpected discoveries. Experimental archaeology has also begun to provide us with a better sense of the extremely varied flavor-scapes associated with power drinking in the west-central European Iron Age.

More seminar information to follow.

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If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact the organisers Catherine Shupe and Graeme Erskine.

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