Health & Safety Department


Contacts for various Health and Safety staff in the University.

Contact details

Contact details for the Health and Safety Department.

Safety staff list

Contact details for the Health and Safety Department

All Staff NEW

This is a proxy with all staff members with both Location and Role filters

First Aiders

This page contains the new First Aiders proxy list

School safety advisers

This is a contacts page for all School safety Advisers

Emergency procedures

Emergency procedures that should be followed in the case of fire, accident or other emergency.

Staff list OLD

Contact details for all Health and Safety Department staff.

School safety advisers OLD

Contact details for all University School safety advisers.

First Aiders OLD

This section lists all the First Aiders in the University of Edinburgh by College/Division - please note that College of Science and Engineering is currently missing, IS are looking into it. Also, the search by location will be available again soon.