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The Research Ethics and Integrity Review Group (REIRG) was established by the Research Policy Group in autumn 2014 to ensure that research integrity and governance has a strong profile at Edinburgh and is firmly embedded in the University’s ethos and culture.

Research Ethics and Integrity Review Group

REIRG ensures compliance with the UUk Concordat to support research Integrity. Being able to demonstrate compliance  is essential as the four national HIgher Education Funding Bodies, Research Councils UK, UUK, the National Institute for Health Research and Wellcome Trust are all signatories. REIRG is also expected to  University level information on all aspects of integrity and ethics are visible and up to date and, via its College representatives, ensuring this is also true at College and School level.

 REIRG ensures the University nominates key individuals for handling issues of research misconduct as required under the terms of the UUK concordat and is establishing a virtual community of individuals involved with promoting good research good practice.  REIRG promote awareness and training in integrity and ethics. REIRG is the University’s point of contact with the the UK Research Integrity Office.

Universities UK Concordat to support research integrity.

UK Research Integrity Office.

Via its regular reports to Research Policy Group, REIRG ensures compliance with internal and external ethics and Integrity reporting requirements.  The Colleges' annual Research Ethics and Integrity reports are scrutinised by REIRG before being referred to RPG for approval.  In similar fashion, the University's Annual Research Ethics and Integrity report is prepared by REIRG for consideration by RPG, which approves the Annual report and refers it to the University's Risk Management Committee for final approval.  Risk Management Committee is a thematic Committee of University Court.

The first University's Research Ethics and Integrity report was approved by Risk Management Committee in November 2016.

Annual updates will also be published. These will focus on exanples of good practice and other developments since the last reporting period as summarising College level statistics on research ethics approval processes so we are comply with the spirit of the five commitments set out in the Universities UK Concordat to support research integrity. Any minor changes to research ethics and Integrity governance arrangements will be included in the next annual update. Every five years the University will publish a fully revised Research Ethics and Integrity report include information on its ethics and integrity governance process which operates at University, College and School level.

Membership and Terms of Reference

REIRG is chaired by the  Head of the Research Support Office.  Its membership consists of two senior members of academic staff, the three College Research Officers, the University Records Manager and the the secretary to Research Policy Group who is a member of Governance and Strategic Planning.  To ensure that REIRG operations are in alignment with those that apply to Health and Health-related research, two representative of the University’s Research Governance Office are also members of REIRG. 

Research Governance Office - provides information, advice and guidance about Health and Health Related research

Staff from the University's Institute for Academic Development regularly attend meetings to participate in discussions about promoting awareness and training in integrity and ethics and and act as a link to the University's Researcher Experience Committee. REIRG is committed to ensuring that ethics and integrity training tailored to meet the needs of the University's diverse academic communities.