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Erasmus exchange

We have over 400 Erasmus exchange places for students from partner universities across Europe.

You need to be nominated by your home university before you can apply to study on Erasmus Exchange in Edinburgh.
So the first thing you need to do is check if your home university holds an Erasmus exchange agreement with the University of Edinburgh.
Although it is possible to study in Edinburgh during Semester 1, Semester 2 or the full year, the length of time you can study here will be dependent on the Erasmus exchange agreement we hold with your home university.
Course choice
Edinburgh boasts a huge range of courses to choose from. You will need to meet the course entry requirements and check whether there are limits on subject areas as part of the exchange programme. If you are coming on a subject specific exchange agreement we will normally ask you to take two thirds of your courses in the subject area of the Erasmus exchange agreement.
Partnership & transfer
The fact that your home university is one of Edinburgh's Erasmus exchange partners means that your home university should be well informed about Edinburgh and your credits should be easily transferred:
2 University of Edinburgh credits = 1 ECTS credit.
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The Erasmus programme is delivered with the support of the commission of the European Communities within the framework of the Erasmus programme.


Can I study on Erasmus Exchange at Edinburgh?

Before you can apply to the University of Edinburgh as an Erasmus Exchange student, you must:

  • Meet the academic entry requirements. We expect Erasmus students to be in good academic standing and have achieved the equivalent of a GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (B average):

Academic Entry Requirements

  • Be nominated by your home university. Please check with your Erasmus adviser at your home university to see if there is an agreement with Edinburgh in your subject area. You can also search '2016/17 Exchange Agreements'  to check if we have an exchange link with your university:

If you do not meet the above conditions, it will not be possible to study here on Erasmus Exchange.

When can I study at Edinburgh?

Students can study at the University for a semester or a full academic year. The study period will depend on the agreement we have with your university.

Full Academic Year September - May
Semester 1 September - December
Semester 2 January - May

You will find the Semester dates on the University Calendar: 

University Calendar

What can I study at Edinburgh?

The courses you will be considered for will depend on the Erasmus exchange agreement you are nominated on.

Subject-specific exchange

If you are on a subject-specific exchange, you are effectively swapping places with an Edinburgh student who has gone to study at your home university in the agreed subject area.

You should select two thirds of your courses in the agreement subject area.

It may be possible to take one course per semester outside your subject area. If you intend to do this, please choose from our first and second year courses.

We will aim to place you in your preferred courses but cannot guarantee this.

Modern EC language exchange

If you are applying under a Modern European Languages exchange, you will probably be studying English at your home university. You can take a variety of first and second year courses here in Edinburgh.

Erasmus students on a Modern European Languages exchange agreement are not guaranteed admission to any honours course; however you can apply for honours level courses and we will aim to place you in your preferred course:

Course Information

Erasmus Certificates & Learning Agreements

The following Erasmus documents will normally need to be completed by you and the University of Edinburgh in order for you to receive Erasmus funding from your home university:

  • Erasmus Learning Agreement
  • Erasmus Certificate of Attendance/Enrolment/Departure

Your home university will provide you with these Erasmus documents.

Before submitting your Erasmus documents please make sure you have submitted an online application to the University of Edinburgh and you have accepted an offer to study on Erasmus exchange here.

How to Apply

You should email your Erasmus documents or hand them in person to the relevent College Visiting Student Office:

Visiting Student Office Details

Please note Erasmus documents are not completed by Edinburgh Global, they are completed by the appropriate Visiting Student Office.

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