School of GeoSciences

Tutoring & demonstrating

Tutoring and Demonstrating is support given to teaching programmes by Graduate Teaching Assistants.

Both the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes in the School of GeoSciences are strongly supported by Tutoring and Demonstrating (T&D).

GeoSciences T&D

This page highlights support materials available in The School of GeoSciences for Tutors and Demonstrators, and the roles and reposnibilities of those staff involved in T&D work in the School.

Payment information

Tutoring and Demonstrating work is paid according to the University’s staff pay scale and benefits from the University’s yearly increment rise.

Ad hoc and casual work

In addition to Tutoring and Demonstrating, research students in the School of GeoSciences are often invited to participate in ad hoc events delivered by the School.

Tutoring and Demonstrating contacts

Contacting the Teaching Organisation about Teaching and Demonstrating issues.

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