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The Facility carries out in-house research and provides a service to the earth and environmental science community. It is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). The Ion Micro-Probe Facility is located in the School of GeoSciences, Grant Institute at the University of Edinburgh.

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The Ion Micro-Probe employs Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) for the chemical analysis of small volumes of material for most isotopes in the periodic table. The Facility have both a Cameca ims-4f and a Cameca 1270. The ims-4f was installed in September 1987 and has been upgraded continually over the years. It is in many ways still competitive with the modern Cameca instruments.

The Cameca 1270 was installed in January 2003 and provides better sensitivity and higher precision than the 4f. Dramatic improvements in external repeatability of isotopic ratio measurements for stable isotopes (O, Si, C, S, Li, B...) have been achieved, while the high transmisson of the 1270 at high mass resolution has enabled new areas of geochronology (U/Pb, Th/Pb, Th/U in Zircon, Monazite and Allenite) to be developed.


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