School of GeoSciences

MSc Applied Geoscience (Geoenergy)

This MSc is aimed at geoscience students who wish to pursue a geology-related career in the future energy sector, as it transitions from fossil fuels to a low carbon economy.

About the programme

What you will learn and why you should study with us.

Degree structure, teaching and assessment

A group of fossils, possibly ammonites.
Courses you can study, field work opportunities and how you will be assessed.

Programme costs & funding options

Two men in hard hats silhouetted aganst a blue sky with a pumpjack or nodding donkey also in silouette.
Programme costs and fee information for 2017 entry and where to look for funding options.

Careers and network

A laptop with charts and graphs on the screen.
Career paths and opportunities opened up by this MSc course.

Teaching staff

Supervising the use of a measuring guage
The MSc Applied Geoscience (Geoenergy) teaching staff.