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PhD projects

PhD Projects offered for 2016 entry

Please apply using the link 'Apply - On-line' next to the project you are interested in. The link will take you to the University's online application system (EUCLID) at the page: 'Course and degree finder'. There is information on the research area your chosen project is part of. On this page, go to the 'Apply for this degree' box on the right hand side and under PhD (Full-time), select September 2016 (or your intended month of start) from the drop-down box before clicking 'Apply'.

  • Dr Tetsuya Komabayashi, Prof. Kathy Whaler

  • Prof. Andrew Curtis - The University of Edinburgh Prof. Tarje Nissen-Meyer - The University of Oxford

  • Hugh Sinclair (University of Edinburgh, Principal advisor), Mark Naylor (Edinburgh), Mary Ford (CRPG), Raphaël Pik (CRPG), Fin Stuart (SUERC, East Kilbride), Frédéric Christophoul (GET, Toulouse), Cristina Persano (University of Glasgow)