School of GeoSciences


Improving Cryosat Information

The Power of Swath Altimetry

UK/China Research Partnership

A research partnership between the UK and China will develop new expertise on increasing resilience to natural disasters.

Mineral Vortices

Mineral make-up reveals ancient record of Earth’s magnetic field

E-Cigarette Use in Teens

Relationship between e-cigarette point of sale recall and e-cigarette use in secondary school children: a cross-sectional study

Antarctic ice loss

Loss of Antarctic ice could raise global sea level by three metres

Sauropod footprints on Skye

Sauropod dinosaur trackways in a Middle Jurassic lagoon on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Greenland Ice Sheet - New Study

Despite Warming, Landsat Reveals Decadal Slowdowns on Greenland Ice Sheet

Geographer Royal for Scotland

Charlie Withers is the first Geographer Royal for Scotland for 118 Years

GeoSciences in the news

Recent GeoSciences stories from the University of Edinburgh news pages

New SCCS report

New SCCS report: Enhancing North Sea Oil recovery can store more CO₂ much faster

Wolfson Research Merit Award

Professor Mathew Williams awarded a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award

ERC Consolidator Grant

Tetsuya Komabayashi was awarded a five-year ERC Consolidator Grant

A salamander the size of a car?

Steve Brusatte and colleagues discover new species in Portugal

Icelandic canyon formation

Three short extreme floods carve an Icelandic canyon

Research Excellence Framework

School of GeoSciences ranked top for 'research power' again

IT Skills Courses

Information Services (IS) provide schedule for IT Skills Courses

“Antarctic Science”

Edinburgh glaciologist recognised in Special Issue of Antarctic Science

Research on Royal Mail stamps

GeoSciences Ph.D. student depicted on new collection of Royal Mail stamps

Niamh Shortt , ESRC Impact grant

Niamh Shortt awarded an ESRC Impact Grant

Earth Observation (NCEO)

National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) - NERC 23m