Waste and Recycling

Moving office

Information on how to deal with your unwanted items that you clearout before moving office.


Please leave your office/ or working area cleared of everthing and tidy. It is your responsibility to ensure that no sensitive information (including electronic) or hazardous waste is left behind.

Before you start ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is it HAZARDOUS in some way? (e.g. batteries, paints and varnishes, oils, cleaning agents, glues, chemicals etc).

If yes, these items MUST NOT be put into the general waste stream. The University has authorised routes set up for most items of waste produced at the Unviersity. Have a look in the A-Z linked below or get in touch.

Hazardous waste must be consigned off as special waste.

Special Waste

  1. Is it SENSITIVE in some way? (e.g. confidential papers, discs, videos, CDs, data containing devices like smart phones, tablets, PC or laptops).

If yes, please ensure that it is disposed of as confidential waste.

Confidential waste

  1. Is your "waste" item still in WORKING ORDER and SAFE to use (e.g. furniture, electronic & electrical equipment, IT).

Reuse your unwanted items by offering them to other departments using the Equipment exchange web pages.

Equipment exchange

If yes, please follow the links below for more information:

Electronic & electrical equipment (secured)


For information on all other waste items you want to recycling or dispose of please visit the A-Z waste list section.

A-Z of waste types