Waste and Recycling

Major moves

For Departments or Units moving and need to have a clearout and recycle or dispose of unwanted items.


Before you move we encourage staff to go through their offices or laboratory spaces and get rid of all items that they won't be taking with them in plenty of time.

Before you start, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is it HAZARDOUS in some way? (e.g. batteries, paints and varnishes, oils, cleaning agents, glues, chemicals etc)

If yes, these items MUST NOT be put into the general waste stream. Estates & Buildings has authorised routes for most items. More information is available with the "How do I dispose of my..." pages on this website (formerly known as the A-Z).

Hazardous waste must be consigned as special waste.

Special waste

  1. Is it SENSITIVE in some way? (e.g. confidential papers, discs, videos, CDs)

If yes, please ensure that it is disposed of as confidential waste

Confidential waste

  1. Is your "waste" item still in WORKING ORDER and SAFE to use (e.g. furniture, electronic & electrical equipment, IT)

If yes, please follow the links below for more information:

Need Help?

For the Move Managers / Project Managers we have put together a Major Moves Briefing that breaks down the clearout into manageable chunks, as well as provide tips and suggestions to make it easier for the staff.

We have also put together a briefing for individual staff to get them started - the Move Manager / Project Manager may want to point this out for staff to use or print* a copy for them.

* We recommend that you print this as a booklet. To do this select:

File - Print - Properties - (in Finishing Tab) Booklet Printing from the drop down under print style

Major clearout briefing (583.5 KB Word)

Individual Clearout Briefing [Doc]

For more information please visit the A-Z Guide to recycling and waste section.

A-Z Guide to Recycling and Waste