Equality and Diversity

Dignity and respect

A Policy on dignity and respect.

The University is currently developing a framework on Dignity and Respect.


The University is currently developing a framework on Dignity and Respect and is committed to creating a culture where all staff and students are treated with respect and feel safe and fulfilled within our community. It welcomes and supports freedom of thought and expression, whilst promoting these values we must ensure we create a culture where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

The Dignity and Respect Policy was approved by CMG in January 2010 having been consulted upon across the University with a range of stakeholders. It has also been given final approval by Court.

Work and discussion is continuing on on the Dignity and Respect Procedure to support the Policy and details on this and the fraemwork will be reported on this website ongoing.

Our duty

We all have a duty to ensure that we treat each other fairly and with respect. The University wants to develop a positive culture for working and studying, where every student and member of staff is able to develop to their full potential. It is the responsibility of all students and staff to ensure that we communicate, interact and conduct ourselves in a way that ensures we treat others fairly and with respect at all times.

Positive Culture

Creating a positive culture will ensure that we can attract and retain the best students and staff and will support the University’s aim to provide the highest quality teaching and learning environment as well as enhancing our world wide reputation.

The aim is to develop a working environment where staff and students can comfortably raise issues and know they will be taken seriously by the University.