Equality and Diversity

List of Coordinators

Details of the Equality and Diversity Coordinators.

College of Humanities & Social Science
Name School Email Phone
Dr Aisha Holloway Health in Social Science Aisha.Holloway@ed.ac.uk  
Prof. Martin Fransman Economics M.Fransman@ed.ac.uk  
Dr Naomi Appleton Divinity Naomi.Appleton@ed.ac.uk  
Dr Michael Ramsammy Philosophy, Psychology and Language Science


Dr Angela Bartie History, Classics and Archaeology


Dr Francine Shields Edinburgh College of Art Francine.Shields@ed.ac.uk  
Dr Alexandra Smith Literatures, Languages and Cultures Alexandra.Smith@ed.ac.uk  
Dr Lisa Kendall Law Lisa.Kendall@ed.ac.uk  
Dr Maria Michou Business School


Prof. Andrew Thomson Social and Political Science


College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine
Name School Email Phone
Fanney Kristmundsdottir Biomedical Sciences Fanney.Kristmundsdottir@ed.ac.uk  
Neil Johnston Clinical Sciences N.R.Johnston@ed.ac.uk  
Liz Grant Molecular, Genetic and Population Health Sciences (Central Area) Liz.Grant@ed.ac.uk  
Dahlia Doughty-Shenton Molecular, Genetic and Population Health Sciences (Western General) D.Shenton@ed.ac.uk  
Vicky MacRae  Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies vicky.macrae@roslin.ed.ac.uk  
College of Science & Engineering
Name School Email Phone
Dr Toni Collis Physics toni.collis@ed.ac.uk  
Dr Raja Ganeshram GeoSciences R.Ganeshram@ed.ac.uk  
Dr Meriem El Karoui Biological Sciences


Dr Natalia Bochkina Mathematics N.Bochkina@ed.ac.uk  
Dr Stephen Moggach Chemistry S.Moggach@ed.ac.uk  
Prof Mirella Lapata Informatics mlap@inf.ed.ac.uk  
Katherine Cameron Engineering K.Cameron@ed.ac.uk