Equality and Diversity

Strategy and Outcomes

The Equality and Diversity Strategy, Outcomes and Action Plan and how the University vision is a continuing commitment to equality and diversity for both students and staff.

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This is a single equality strategy to ensure that equality and diversity are guiding principles in our pursuit of academic excellence. Its introduction coincides with the implementation of the Equality Act 2010 and builds on its principle of integrating equality and diversity in policy and practice.

Equality and Diversity Strategy (PDF)

Equality Outcomes and Actions

The University has set challenging Equality Outcomes and associated actions for the period 2013-17, to further the University’s Strategic Plan and Equality and Diversity Strategy, and to meet the requirements of the Scottish regulations under the Equality Act 2010.

Mainstreaming Equality

Mainstreaming the Equality Duty Report

The University’s report on Mainstreaming the Equality Duty describes progress in making the general equality duty integral to the exercise of our functions.

It outlines the strategic context and how equality is mainstreamed into the University’s strategic plans. It gives highlights of the University’s progress in embedding the equality duty and provides links to further information.

Equality and Diversity Action Plan 2011-12 Progress Update

This summarises progress with the Equality and Diversity Action Plan 2011-12, which was introduced with the Equality and Diversity Strategy.

The 2011-12 Action Plan was replaced by Equality Outcomes in April 2013.

Our Vision

The University of Edinburgh has a distinguished history of scholarship and endeavour that has contributed greatly to our society’s intellectual and economic advancement.

Our continuing commitment to equality and diversity has a vital role to play in ensuring our success as a great civic institution for both students and staff.

Our aspirations

We aspire to be a place of first choice for some of the worlds most talented students and gifted staff.

The University is committed to developing a positive culture, where all staff and students are able to develop to their full potential.

Our commitment

The University is committed to embedding Equality and Diversity across all its work, and believes its strategy reflects its commitment and contribution to its place as a world-leading centre of academic excellence.

Our targets

We have set targets at University Strategic level as well developing a single equality action plan to address our duties under the Equality Act 2010 encompassing all of its protected characteristics of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership and pregnancy and maternity.

We identify improvements in the student experience, the challenges faced by disabled staff and students in accessing higher education and gender issues that may affect the pursuit of scientific work as key to tackling real issues.

Challenges ahead

The University welcomes the challenges ahead and we are committed to working on the issues facing the higher education sector.

It is also expected that this new integrated E&D Strategy will assist the University in working collaboratively with other UK and Scottish Universities and relevant public bodies; in working in partnership with the Trade Unions; in knowledge transfer, leadership development, monitoring and policy development.