English Language Education

English Language Support - International Students

Courses, workshops, and materials for international students at the University who require English language support whilst studying for their degree.

English Language Education (ELE) provides English language support for international students at the University of Edinburgh. There is currently no charge. Our aim is to help students whose first language is not English achieve their full academic potential.

Our ELSIS Courses (Semester 1 and 2)

We offer a wide range of academic English courses to both undergraduates and postgraduates. All the courses are non-credit bearing. .

View and Apply for ELSIS Courses

  1. Seminar Discussion Skills
  2. Better Pronunciation
  3. Presentation Skills
  4. Academic Writing for International Students
  5. Grammar for Academic Writing
  6. Listening to Lectures and Note-taking
  7. Social Speaking Skills
  8. Writing your PhD: Reviewing the Literature
  9. Writing a PhD First-Year Report
  10. Writing up PhD Qualitative Research
  11. Writing up PhD Quantitative Research
  12. Independent Study Materials


To register for any of the English language support courses, use the registration form that you will find on each course page. You will need to complete the form for each course you wish to register for.

On some courses, places may be allocated on the basis of your most recent English language scores (e.g. TEAM/ Pre-sessional assessments / IELTS / iBT-TOEFL / other).

Please note: if you register for a course, you will be expected to complete it. This means completing all tasks or assignments, and attending all classes, if appropriate.

Independent Study Materials

If you are unable to gain a place on a course, or prefer to study without any tutor support, you can access our Independent Study Materials.



In addition to our courses above, we are running a series of academic skills and language workshops to help you develop your academic English. These are designed mainly for international students, but all students are welcome to attend.

  • Speaking Skills: improving your speaking for the University context (12.00-14.00; 25 September, 2017)
  • Grammar for Academic Writing: making your writing more readable (12.00-14.00; 26 September, 2017)
  • Academic Essay Writing: developing an academic style (12.00-14.00; 27 September, 2017)
  • Lecture listening and note-taking: developing an efficient approach (12.00-14.00; 28 September, 2017)
  • Reading: approaching academic texts (12.00-14.00; 29 September, 2017)

For full details and to book a place on any of these workshops, please go to the Events booking website:

  • Events¬†(available from 1/9/2017)