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Cross-cluster research seminars


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Day/Month Event Title (Speakers or Event Leaders) Research Cluster
Oct 2016-June 2017

2016-17 Research Ethics Workshops (Moray House School of Education's RKE Office)

14 Oct 2016 Seminar: Quantitative Ethnography (David Williamson Shaffer, University of Wisconsin, Madison) Digital Education
19 Oct 2016

Seminar: Pathways to research translation: What role for policy-relevant research? (Professor Billie Giles-Corti, Director, McCaughey VicHealth Community Wellbeing Unit, University of Melbourne)

Sport, Physical Education and Health Science

26-27 Oct 2016 AQMeN International Conference: Rediscovering Inequalities - Exploring the interconnections between crime, education and urban segregation (Professor George Galster, Professor Jan Jonsson, Professor Robert Sampson, Professor Yossi Shavit, Professor Richard Wilkinson) Equality, Social Justice and Inclusion
27 Oct 2016 Seminar: Designing Play: Young children’s play and communication practices in relation to designers’ intentions for their toy (Dylan Yamada-Rice, School of Education, Sheffield University) Digital Education
11 Nov 2016

Conference: Teaching the European Union and Brexit with Confidence (European Parliament UK Office)

24 Nov 2016 Seminar: Appropriation, Affordance and Minecraft: What the methods people use to navigate Minecraft tell us about approaches to technology use (Tom Flint, Edinburgh Napier University) Digital Education
02 Dec 2016 Seminar: What do non-academic employers want? A critical examination of ‘PhD shaped' job advertisements for doctoral employability (Inger Mewburn, Director of Research Training at the Australian National University) Digital Education
27 Jan 2017 Seminar: Digitalised Dialogues Across the Curriculum (DiDiAC): Enhancing classroom dialogue by using Talkwall to 'Think Together' (Louis Major, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge) Digital Education
23 Feb 2017 Seminar: The Labour of Digital Scholarship (Karen Gregory, School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh) Digital Education
24 Mar 2017 Seminar: Rhythms of academic mobility (Judith Enriquez-Gibson, School of Education, Liverpool John Moores University) Digital Education



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