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Cross-cluster seminars / Research support workshops

Cross-cluster Research Seminars Research Support Workshops 

Upcoming events

Research cluster Day/month/year Event title (Speakers or event leaders)
Cross-cluster Dec 2016 [Date TBC]  

Research Suppost Workshop | Ethics in research involving vulnerable groups and children (our RKE Office)

Digital Education 27 Jan 2017 Seminar | Digitalised Dialogues Across the Curriculum (DiDiAC): Enhancing classroom dialogue by using Talkwall to 'Think Together' (Louis Major, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge)
Cross-cluster Feb 2017 [Date TBC]   Research Support Workshop | Ethics in Health Studies (Sports Science)  (our RKE Office)
Digital Education 23 Feb 2017 Seminar | The Labour of Digital Scholarship (Karen Gregory, School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh)
Digital Education 24 Mar 2017 Seminar | Rhythms of academic mobility (Judith Enriquez-Gibson, School of Education, Liverpool John Moores University)


Staff development events outside Moray House